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Lenmo Construction

It’s who we are.

Building and Construction
is in our bones

At Lenmo Construction we recognise the beauty behind a hundred year-old structure because building and construction has been in the family for generations. While aesthetics and quality are paramount, the value that Lenmo Construction brings to projects is in the experience of our leaders. With decades of experience in multiple engineering disciplines our clients rest assured that they have the right team on the project.

Our Mission

Is to be the gold-standard for high-quality contractors in the civil engineering and building sector.

Our Vision

To empower the largest number of South Africans in the built environment sector through opportunity creation, community outreach and infrastructure development efforts.

Our Purpose

Lenmo Construction was developed as a high-quality emerging-contractor solution for well-established contractors to rely on for experience and capability.

Lenmo Construction

Lenmo Construction is a multi-disciplinary construction contractor.

Our Services

Concrete Works
Civil Works
Road Works
Building Construction
Project Management


Home Repairs
Stormwater Drainage
Roof Repairs

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